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Abrasive cleaning, paints and vanishes

Over 20 years of experience in the fields of maintaining bridge steel structures has given EWG an extensive and specialised knowledge. Supervised by our own FROSIO inspectors, our operators have handled and protected many bridges using a wide range of cleaning tools and application methods.

We offer competitive quotes to:

  • Abrasive blast cleaning
  • Waterjetting
  • Flance cleaning
  • Metallisation with zinc or aluminium
  • Passive Fire Protection

Inspections and reports written by EWG, will provide a clear picture of the state of the present corrosion, and hence enable the clients to determine the optimum and method for preservation (or refurbishing) the paintwork of the bridge.


EWG offers installation, service and maintenance of dehumidification prcess plants in bridge box griders, pylons, anchorage blocks and installation, service and maintenance for suspension cables.

Since 2003 EWG has played an important part in most major bridge projects of this kind undertaken in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. In very project we have been able to improve the initial design, and thus providing the client with a virtually maintenance free, and energy efficient dehumidification installation.

The recod data of availability runnimg close to 100% and ensuring a corrosionfree enviroment within the suspension cables and other bridge structures.


EWG is approved applicator of The Cable Guard System developed and produced by DS Brown Co. Cable Guard consists of strip og galss fibre reinforced polyetylene sheets that form an airproof and durable protection of the main cables of suspension bridges. The strips are uniformly wrapped twice around the cable and melted together using inflatable electrical heating blankets. The maximum working pressure to which the Cable Guard can operate is 3000 Pa. Normal injection pressure lies in the range of 600 – 1500 Pa.

The combination og blowing dehumified air into suspension cables through the use of Cable Guard is a unique way of combining two well tested but different methods.


employees around the globe


miles of wrapping strip used (2015)


years of experience


years corrosion protection

Enviromentally safe

The Cable Guard System’s excellent UV and ozone resistance has been demonstrated on installations worldwide, confirming that CableguardTM outperforms paint systems. It creates a flexible, watertight seal that is ideal for use with cable dehumidification systems. This innovative protection system is easily installed and readily accommodates future cable inspection. CableguardTM is available in many colors for new bridge construction or rehabilitation projects.

System advantages

  • Lowest lifecycle cost for cable corrosion protection
  • Lifespan of 50+ years
  • Flexible and watertight
  • Easy to repair
  • Available in many colors

We are proud of our